How To Plan A Wedding In Barbados

If beach weddings are for you then Barbados is the perfect location Barbados has so many beautiful locations ideal for a wedding. Below are some helpful tips on how to plan a destination wedding:

Prices of accommodation vary greatly upon how luxurious you would like your stay to be. If you are require beachfront accommodation prices may vary from $3,500 for a Grand Beachfront room going up in price to $7,800 for a one bedroom crystal Lagoon suite with private entrance.

There are many good wedding organisations out there which provide packages for wedding in Barbados and will do deals on customizing your wedding for yourself and your guests and on some packages even offer a free wedding package. It is certainly well worth a look.

In addition, your very own wedding planner will help arrange catering, photographers and any events which yourself and your wedding group may like to take part in after the wedding ceremony and for the rest of your stay with them.

Before you start to plan your wedding in Barbados, you must first decide on what type of wedding you would like. It could be a traditional wedding, a religious ceremony, an informal wedding or a beach wedding with the sun shining down on yourself and your guests. Either way you must choose a wedding and location that you want and suits your needs and requirements.

Here are a few pointers for you to look at which may help you decide in what type of wedding may best suit you:-

+Culture – The culture in Barbados might differ. It is necessary to make sure that the culture appeals to most to you and your guests. This could be a sun basked holiday on the beach, a safari trek, a religious ceremony in Rome, a historical wedding in a Castle. The options are endless in Barbados.

+Climate – are you a sun worshipper or do you prefer a colder climate? Would a ski resort suit your needs? When booking the location in Barbados, you must look at the climate there again to suit your needs. It is also vitally important to check out the weather forecast for the time you plan to get married in Barbados.

+Food – the wedding feast is always an important event at a wedding. See what is on offer at your chosen destination in Barbados. Will the food be local cuisine or do they provide catering to suit your palette? Would you like a wedding feast at all? How about a barbecue? Again, this is another important decision to look at before booking your wedding destination in Barbados.

+Budget – Have a set budget in mind and know what you can afford. Before picking a destination for your wedding in Barbados look at price! This may differ greatly from place to place. If you are on a budget this may affect how many guests you are able to take.

+How to plan for guests? Well the first thing to do when planning for your guests is to construct a guest list. Decide on how many are coming and who these people are. If you are on a budget you may have to be very strict in your choice.

If you are planning a Wedding in Barbados, you must speak to the guests prior to booking to make sure the dates fit in with their plans and they do not already have holidays booked or other commitments. You will need a final number before booking on account of money and also to assist any wedding planners you may decide to hire also.

Here is a great resource for more information:

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