Hydravid Video Software Reviews

The Hydravid Software from Walter Bayliss will be available soon. Here is a great review:

Today I will review the hydravid software from Walter Bayliss.

This will officially launched on the 6th of January and He gave me a review copy to let everyone know what this software does.

This new video software makes uploading videos to different video platforms a breeze…Most people only upload videos to Youtube and stop there.

I understand that completely because if you want to upload the same video to Vimeo for example, you need to target different keywords and you need to make the vid unique again.

That is completely unique about this software. It distributes you video to all kind of platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion etc) and makes them unique at the same time!

Now you can target a lot more keywords that can show up in the search results.

Let me show the settings of this software first.

In the settings tab you can enter your best spinner details or your spin rewriter details. This will spin your title and description and is important of course.

Under accounts you need to create accounts on Vimeo, Youtube or dayly motion. Don’t forget that you can add as many youtube,vimeo or daily motion accounts as you want.


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